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UK Payday Loan: How Do Lenders Determine Who Gets A Loan?

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UK payday loan services are still very much in high demand. That's because our cars won't stop breaking at the most inopportune times, unexpected bills won't stop coming through our door, and surprise washing machine malfunctions won't stop happening. At some point, we're all stuck in a difficult financial situation. That's why payday loans UK lenders are much needed. But perhaps you're wondering how they'll determine if you are eligible for a loan? Perhaps you've had some bad credit in the past and are worried about how much that will factor in?

Why Lenders Of Payday Loans In The UK Approve And Reject Certain Applications

Payday loan lenders in the UK may accept or reject your application for a number of reasons. Every lender is required to perform checks on both the creditworthiness and affordability of all of their applicants. So while lenders will scrutinise your applications, they will also perform checks on your credit history. A customer's credit file will detail how much the customer pays each month towards their credit commitments. It will also show whether they are paying these commitments or not. However, different types of credit reference agencies will give different reports that will contain various types of information. Either way, these files will be able to validate both your income and your expenditure. Missed payments, particularly recent missed payments, are indicative of a customer being at a point where they may be unable, or have no intention, to repay the loan. So it's important to be honest in your application. If you're not, you could end up costing yourself the services of an understanding and compassionate lender. Bank statements or payslips may also be requested to see if everything in your application matches up with the credit check. From this point on, the affordability of the applicant can be calculated using all the available information. But what if you've had poor credit in the past?

The Best UK Payday Loans For People With Bad Credit

In the past, the best UK payday loans for people with bad credit are those with no checks. However, as we've stated, this is no longer likely to be the case due to legislation. Your best bet for a UK payday loan would be to find a lender who put as much weight on you older credit history but places more emphasis on your more recent transactions (Assuming you have now reformed yourself).. This is  when you can prove that your current credit is good in comparison to your poor credit history of the past. A lender will then be able to see that you've improved your credit standing and will be far more likely to consider you as a potential borrower. At the end of the day, a lot of people who apply for payday cash loans UK wide don't have perfect credit histories. So you wouldn't be alone if that's the case for you. At True Blue Loans, we understand that this is a common theme for many borrowers. We will take into account all of the information - unlike some lenders who can be obsessed with your credit score. We believe if you can show that you're largely self-sufficient at this particular time in your life, despite your more historical past, then you're likely to be considered favourably for a loan. We offer short-term instalment loans, as opposed to 1 month payday loans, to give you even further protection from higher monthly payments.

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