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Payday lenders are plentiful. There are so many options out there that it can be easy for a potential borrower to be overwhelmed by the choices. While it can sometimes appear like all of the lenders are offering the same thing, that's not the case. While payday loans UK lenders all claim to offer you the best deal, there's far more to taking on a loan than what meets the eye. The attitude of particular lenders to their borrowers is a major factor you should always consider. Finding a lender who cares about your circumstances really matters. Why? Read on to find out.

Finding The Right Online Payday Lenders

When browsing through all of the online payday loan companies, we can tell that many lenders are preoccupied with getting you a loan as fast as you can. While that can be good, it also throws up a number of problems that may come back to haunt you. Today's regulations, as of 2014, mean that any checks are mandatory in order to help protect borrowers from ending up in a cycle of debt. Beware of claims such as "No Credit Checks" . A responsible lender, who deserves your trust, will always perform some level of checks. Secondly, the systems - due to being automated - lack any sort of personal touch. This means - particularly in the case of the major payday lenders - that you may be rejected very easily and with little explanation. There are payday money lenders who offer a more personalised approach and who will consider all of your options. For example, an automated system may reject you instantly on the basis of your poor credit history. A person however, such as an underwriter, will consider all of the facts. Yes, you may have had a poor credit history; but you're now in steady employment and making repayments. That has the potential to trump any of your past financial problems. An automated system may not be nuanced enough to spot this.

So Which Payday Lenders Online Can I Trust?

Remember: this isn't just a simple decision. When looking at payday lenders online, you've got to consider why you want to take out a loan from these actual payday lenders. They should only be used in the case of an emergency and when you are absolutely certain that you can pay back the money on your next payday. That's why you should only trust lenders who perform the adequate checks and pose questions. Why? Because these are the people you can trust to listen to your problems if your situation changes between now and payday. At True Blue Loans, we beleive we are one of those lenders. We will always listen to our borrowers and cater our approaches to their circumstances. The only thing that we ask our borrowers do if they face issues with repaying their loan, and its interest, is to communicate with us beforehand. By communicating, we can come to a reasonable conclusion that suits both parties. We won't leave you penniless because we care and we play fair. We also avoid the traditional payday loan format. Instead, we offer our borrowers a monthly instalment plan. This means that borrowers pay back over the loan and its interest over a set number of months as opposed to on payday. This makes it far more flexible. And if you have the money to pay us back sooner? You can. We won't charge you extra.

Say No To Uncaring Payday Lenders And Come To True Blue Loans

When it comes to dealing with changes in circumstances, no-one wants to deal just with automated systems and the corporate scripts used by some payday lenders; we want to deal with people who can understand and empathise with our problems. So when it comes to payday loans UK companies, we woudl like you to consider True Blue Loans. We're a profit-making business and we don't hide that - but we put our borrowers' circumstances first before we think of profit. Sound good? Visit to start your application today. Or, alternatively, email us for more via [email protected]