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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems

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Things you should know

Short Term Loan Lender

True Blue Loans is a short term loan lender offering instalment loans to UK residents who are employed and who can not only afford the loan but who have a track record of paying loans back. For new borrowers we have a limit of £300 whereas a returning customer will be able to borrow up to £500 providing they meet our affordability criteria.

Our instalment loans are for periods of 3, 5 or 6 months.

Direct Short Term Loan Lenders

True Blue Loans are a direct lender. This means that we will be the company that actually lends you the money. Many companies, especially those web based ones, are actually brokers. They will find lenders for you and may in some cases charge a fee for doing this. Sometime that fee is a commission charges to the lender the find you, other times it is paid directly by you. With us there are no such fees, if we lend to and you pay on time all you pay is the loan repayments, if we do not lend you pay us nothing.


Why Short-Term Loan Lenders?

On many occasions you will not want a lot of money and certainly will not want to be tied to the debt for many years. You will also need the money reasonably quickly to pay that bill that has just come in or the car repairs needed to get through the MOT. In these circumstances a traditional bank loan does not tick the right boxes whereas a short term loan may do.

Short Term Loans over 6 months

Yes we offer short term loans over 6 months, but also if you want to pay quicker we can offer 3 month loan or if you need a middle ground we can offer a 5 month repayment term. We will show you when you apply the monthly and total cost for each option so you can decide.

No Early Payback Fee

That is right, if you want to pay off your loan sooner we will not charge you any additional fees. The interest is added daily so you only pay what has accrued up to the point your repay plus the remaining capital. If you just want to pay some of the loan early, that is fine too.

Responsible Lending

As a short term loan lender True Blue Loans is committed to responsible lending. We will:

  • Only lend if we believe you can afford it
  • Never offer you more than you ask for
  • Carry out proper checks before we lend
  • Not let you extend the loan term beyond that of the agreement
  • Be helpful and compassionate if things go wrong

And above all

  • Treat you fairly

Warning, these loans can be expensive compared to other forms of borrowing and the longer the period of teh loan the more it will cost.

By Kieran Moulden