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How short is short?

What is Short Term Cash?

Short term cash is loans that are taken, often for just a few hundred pounds, are designed to tide you over when you are a little tight on funds.

So like a Traditional Payday Loan?

Traditional Payday loans were taken over a period of up to 1 month and are one way to get short term cash, however for many borrowers this can be a little too short term. These loans are designed to be paid back in full and with interest on your next payday. Unless you feel that you will have enough money to do this, you could find yourself with problems. You will then have to rollover the loan, just paying the interest, and then next month you will be in exactly the same position.

So what is the alternative?

An instalment loan is an alternative, you still borrow the few hundred pound you need and they can still be arranged reasonably promptly however the payments will be spread over a few months. You choose how long depending on the size of repayment you can afford. (Just be aware the longer the term the more the loan will cost overall) What is really great with instalment loans is when you have made the last instalment the loan is completely cleared.

So where can I get an instalment loan?

True Blue Loan was set up only to offer instalment loans. As regulations are changing you will see many payday lenders switching to instalment loans as they will soon have restrictions on the number of rollovers they can allow. At True Blue Loans you can choose between 3, 5 and 6 months to repay your loans depending on your needs and what you can afford. When you apply we will show you all the options and you can choose the one that fits you best.


What people tend to spend short term cash on


If anyone is ever looking to borrow money in the way of a loan or other possible finance people may be pleasantly surprised by just how many ways of borrowing money there actually is. People will always be aware of taking out large loans from high street lenders such as banks or building societies, often called mortgages, to buy their house. Other ways to borrow money would be in the way of short term finance where people can receive short term cash and then repay over quick terms. A payday loan for example is a way of borrowing money for small time frames. Other finance can include car finance when a car is purchased and then repaid back on a monthly basis and when fully settled the car belongs to that customer. Lines of credit such as the credit card itself is another popular way to borrow money as these allow people the chance to take out cash or pay for a range of different items on credit up to a set limit. All ways are popular ways to borrow money but in this article I am going to look at short term finance and explain what people tend to spend short term cash on.

Most people will always have times when they need money and they may need it quickly. Short term cash is now so often made available to people who need it. Some short term borrowing such as payday loans can be completed in the application process within just 10 minutes and if they are then accepted for a loan people can be paid out just as quickly. Some people can therefore receive their loans withinthe day but this will depend on the lender chosen however, most offer same day funding on their loans to remain competitive in the market place. This becomes a reasoable borrowing choice for people who need the money that quickly for instance if they suddenly had an unexpected bill arrive and this was not budgeted for with this short term cash being available they can make this required repayment.

Borrowing these short term loans or other finance for unexpected bills can be sensible however some people do not put their short term cash towards such things. People can take out loans for amounts anywhere between £100.00 up to £500.00 and put their money just towards a night out and this is when these loans should not be taken out. I always feel that if people do not have the money then they should not go out. If people are interested in a night out then maybe look to borrow the money of friends or family and maybe action this interest free however paying payday lenders interest on loans just for a few hours of fun should not be done. Remember with loans such as these people can often pay up to £24.00 per £100.00 borrowed per 30 day period so that night out can cost nearly 25% more than you actually thought.


By Kieran Moulden