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The internet is a wonderful place to find anything. It truly seems that you can go onto Google, Bing or another search engine and find whatever you want, from “how to grow a tree” through to “buying an island”. It is all there waiting to be found.


I can still remember a time before the internet when to find a product you had to use a book called the Yellow Pages which was a telephone directory. Or you research a product or gain knowledge you had to go to a library and look the information up in a book.


To borrow money before the internet you went to a loans company or bank. You either called them up and made an application over the phone and then they sent you the paperwork to complete or you went in and visited them.


These were not convenient times and the choice was limited. I am not sure what happened to need the search term bad credit loans as the Yellow Pages probably didn't have that catagory and many banks would not touch those with less than perfect credit history. So what did the bad credit loans applicant do?


There were companies offering door stop lending and loans, but there were no online pay day loans or online short term loans. This world just had not yet been invented.  Then a relative few years ago, the internet was born and short term bad credit loans were born. It would still be a number of years before the pay day loans industry would be born.


Fast forward a few years to the present day. The internet is huge and a billion people around the world search online with Google everyday. A billion people – how mad is that?


So the world of online loans has changed dramatically and now there are hundreds if not thousands of companies offering loans. There are loans for everything under the sun and there are companies for everyone.


If your credit record is good you easily can get a loan with a low APR. If you have bad credit and are classed as “sub Prime” you will find it harder to get a loan with a low APR. There are hundreds of different search terms that are used by people who are searching for an online short term loan.


I find it fascinating that just on the Bing search engine over 15,000,000 searches a month are made for the search term Loans Bad Credit  and bad credit loans there are another 15,000,000 searches. That is a lot of people who know they have a bad credit history searching for an online loan. The number of people who do not want to be credit searched and search for a loan that does not credit search them is staggering.  These are people who know that if they are credit searched by the lenders they would not get the loan. There are millions of people who are looking for a loan, knowing that they really should not be borrowing any money.


By Kieran Moulden