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Getting the cash into your bank on the day you apply for a loan is often important.

Same Day Loans

If you are looking for a same day loan, you clearly need money in a hurry. The principle of a same day loan is that you will receive money into your account on the day that you apply for the loan, or at least within 24 hours of the loan application. This means that you probably need the money quickly and that you don’t want to be dealing with the hassle and fuss of dealing with banks and filling in a lot of forms. The internet is ideal for this sort of transaction and a growing number of same day loan providers can be found online.

Same day loans today

There are a number of firms offering same day loans and there are numerous names to look out for. Terms like “instalment loans”, “short term loans” and “online loans” all mean the same thing and there are even firms promising money by stating that they offer “cash advance” options and “fast cash”.

To pick up a same day loan, you need to visit an online payday firm and fill in an application. You will find that most firms will carry out a check of a client’s credit to ensure that they are eligible for a payday loan. If you meet the criteria, there will be some firms that will provide the money that day.

You can visit a loan firm on the High Street but this will normally add time and inconvinience to the process so take the easy approach and do it online. There are some brokers who offer a same day loan service but this is not available across the board so check what is on offer before committing.

Same day loans for emergencies

If you need money in a hurry, there is a good chance that you have suffered an emergency that needs to be resolved quickly. Common emergencies that require people to take out a payday loan include a broken boiler, a broken car or a washing machine that has stopped working. There are always plenty of reasons why a payday loan is required and not many of them are pleasant.

You may want to look into other sources such as a family member or savings before you commit to a payday loan. While a payday loan is a good way to raise funds in a hurry, if you can find the money by other means, it may be better for you financially. It is not impossible to obtain a same day loan from a bank but it is unlikely. If time is of the essence, you need to seriously consider payday loan firms to get the money when you need it.

Same day loans online

If you are keen to find a payday loan firm online, we can help. Our application form takes minutes to fill in and the entire process can be completed online. There are no lengthy forms to fill in and we will give you a provisional answer straight away when you submit your application. If you receive provisional acceptance, we will look at your application in more detail and we will aim to give you final approval as soon as we can. Once we have approved you at this point and complete a few final checks, we can have your funds transferred into your account within 15 minutes.

We offer same day loans

We can offer loans of up to £500 although the first time a person applies for a loan from us, the limit will be set at £300. Once this loan has been successfully paid off, the limit is upped to £500. We are able to provide a same day loan service so if you need money in a hurry, we are more than happy to help.

We believe we are a suitable form of payday loan for many borrowers because we offer greater flexibility when it comes to paying off a loan. We allow customers to pay back their loan over 3, 5 or 6 months. 

Same day loan instant decision - No!!!

We know that providing a speedy response is important for our clients. The initial application we have on our site takes around 5 minutes to complete and we will provide you with a provisional acceptance or decline at this point. This does not me mean you have, or will get the loan, it simply means we will condider the application further. If you are provisionally accepted, we will carry out other checks through our underwriting team and we will then offer you our final decision by an email. If you are accepted, we can have the money placed into your account within an hour.

No early repayment fee

We like to think of ourselves as responsible lenders who make it easy as possible to repay a loan. We offer instalment options to pay back the loan but if you are in a position to pay back the loan early, we encourage people to do so. We do not charge any additional fees for any early payment and we only charge interest to the date of full repayment.

Responsible Lending

We are fully committed to responsible lending which means we will always carry out credit checks before providing clients with a loan. We also run affordability checks, which mean we may ask you for a payday loan. All of our clients must meet the following criteria:

•                At least 20 years old

•                A resident of the UK

•                Is currently employed

•                Is earning at least £750 a month



Same day loans and the benefits they provide to their consumers


Before someone ever takes out a loan they have to consider quite a few things such as whether or not they one hundred percent need the loan, how much do they need to borrow and how quickly do they need the money. The lender chosen is always another question that is hard to decide as there are so many different ones out there and they each offer many different things. Another important thing to take into consideration before submitting a loan application would be what kind of loan does that person want, is it a standard short term loan or an instalment loan over a longer period. In this article I am going to explain about same day loans and how these can be useful for customers.

Many people who need to borrow emergency loans could really do with that money being funded the same day so they know where they stand financially. Same day loans like the name suggests can help customers receive their loan that very same day with no additional cost. The applications here are now mostly completed online and when fully approved they can normally be funded the same day however some companies can pay their customers in only 15 minutes after their application is approved. This is perfect for people who need the money quickly or in case of a financial emergency unexpectedly crops up as now they have the funds available to make any repayments if they need to. Each lender is obviously different and they will have their own rules and regulations in regards to funding times and whether or not they can process their loans the very same day as the applications are made. If someone has to have the loan right away then they should explore this avenue before they apply for a loan of any kind.

There can be times on any loans that require a customer to provide documentation in order for a loan to be progressed further and then potentially funded and this is normally one of the final stages before a loan can be approved or declined. Some of the documents that frequently can get requested would be a driving license or a passport for identification purposes, a recent utility bill or current bank statement for address confirmation or possibly a payslip (or again a bank statement) to show that the person is in employment. The customer has to quickly and efficiently provide this information in order for the same day loan to be finalised. It can delay the funding process but provided documentation is provided and verified the loan can still be processed if not the same day. People can normally send it to the lender via text message or they can scan it and email across; which is probably the easiest and quickest thing to do. If the underwriters for the loan finds false information intentionally on any application it will most likely be declined or if they see false or made up documentation this is seen as fraud and the application again will be declined.

For me honestly I feel that the best same day loan would be the instalment loan offered by some lenders nowadays. People usually look at these and consider them being lent by major banks or building societies but this is definitely no longer the case. People can receive smaller more affordable amounts up to £1000 and then repay over a time frame that suits the customer. Such loans do not have to be paid over a long period of many years like some loans out there can be. People can borrow loans over 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months so they can know that when they take the finance out they will clear the full balance within a single year and they then also know the exact amount they have to pay back for the loan each month. A customer before looking at making the application has to know that the longer they take out the finance, the more repayments will be required and ultimately meaning more overall is paid back to the lender. However, they must make sure that they have a repayment due each month that they can comfortably afford so they know repayments will simply not be missed. Missing loan repayments will nearly always have severe consequences for anybody that has done this.


By Kieran Moulden