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Traditional payday loans were designed to be paid back in one instalment on the borrower's next payday. Innovation in the United Kingdom's short term lending marketplace has lead to payday money lenders offering far more flexibility to their customers. This flexibility enables you to determine the right loan for you based on your financial and personal circumstances and needs.

Flexibility in the loan market is vital because each person's financial situation and repayment abilities are very different. Some individuals may be able to repay a loan on their next payday, while some may require the flexibility of repaying the exact same sum in instalments over a longer period. Again, depending upon your financial situation, as well as the sum to be paid back, you may want to opt for a loan with a flexible repayment schedule. This ensures that you do not compromise your ability to access future finance by failing to pay within the agreed time period. Not paying on time can also accrue additional interest and charges, something that is generally best avoided. Therefore, finding payday lenders that offer flexible terms is vital to acquiring a loan that you can repay comfortably. Various payday loans UK lenders offer you flexible repayment terms. You can then select the repayment schedule that you're confident with financially. Generally, the longer the term of the loan, the smaller the size of each instalment you have to pay. But, the overall cost of the loan, through interest, will also rise with a longer repayment period. This higher cost is often accepted as it gives a repayment schedule more suitable to the individual's personal circumstances. Some loan providers also provide the flexibility of early repayment on a loan without facing penalties.

The payday loan marketplace in the United Kingdom is evolving with payday money lenders offering increased flexibility, particularly in terms of repayment schedules. If you need access to funds, True Blue Loans may be able to provide you with the financial assistance you require. We take pride in having payday loans to suit different requirements and offering flexible repayment terms. Visit for more information today.