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The facts of Payday loans online

For any consumer considering a loan it is important to understand all the facts and figures before agreeing to borrow. For many the requirement for a loan arises as a result of an unplanned expense. This can often mean obtaining funding quickly and therefore turning to a convenient source. For a lot of consumers this choice is often a payday loans online lender. If the expense does not run into the thousands then a consumer may not feel they are able to turn to their bank as a suitable source of funding. The key to obtaining credit really lays in the consumer’s individual ability to maintain possible repayments. In instances where this is the case then a consumer may be able to benefit from an online loan. Given that the market has been in existence now for many years there remains a good selection of lenders available and with that several lending options. This means depending on the requirements of the individual there is likely to be a loan available to fit those needs. In order to make an informed selection it is important the applicant considers their own budget and its potential restrictions, the sources of funding available and the products that are being offered.

As mentioned above many consumers turn to payday loans online when they are faced with a cost they had not budgeted for and therefore are unable to cover. In today’s economy it is more important than ever to ensure a monthly budget is followed to cover the cost of living. Many ‘normal’ expenses faced by consumers on a regular basis continue to increase and as a result it is important to ensure a budget is maintained. This means honestly and accurately listing all bills that must be paid on a monthly basis, this could include transport costs, rent, gas or electric and food; basically everything that is required to live. By detailing and understanding the total cost of living a customer will quickly be able to obtain their disposable income figure. It is this amount that it deemed as truly spare and therefore would need to be used, in part, for any agreed lending repayments. For consumers whose budget highlights the cost of living is leaving a minimum or complete lack of disposable income, it is likely there is a bigger financial concern unfolding. In such instances it is more likely that payday loans online will add to financial strain and not provide the required solution. For consumers who are experiencing this there are several charity based organisations who may be able to assist, such as StepChange. These companies are designed to offer guidance and advice in reducing and managing more effectively existing debt.

For consumers who are confident they budget does not restrict them and there is a comfortable level of disposable income, the next consideration is the source of funding. Firstly it is important to say that if borrowing funds can be avoided it is always best to do so. If funds can be borrowed from a family member or close friend, then this should be considered also. For those where funding is required and there is not the resource available closer to home, there are several options now available. As always there are high street banks who have been offering loans for many years now. Typically though these loans tend to be for larger sums of money and therefore come with a more detailed lending process. The same can be said for credit card companies, particularly if funding is needed by the consumer quickly, credit cards may cause a delay. The final option for most is payday loans online.

The market for such loans now supports a great selection of products. There are still lenders who can offer a classic lump sum repayment, whereby the consumer borrows for a month only. There are also now an increasing number of lenders who offer an instalment based product. These loans are fast becoming the popular choice because of their available to realistically fit within consumer’s individual budgets. Given that lenders of such loans can offer terms of 3 months right through to 12 months, most find there is an option which is suitable and affordable. 


The finance payday loans online can generally offer


There are so many different financial products that can be consumed in the financial market place, people can obtain so many different short term loan products for example. The payday loans online can be obtained, people can even now take out instalment loan products for repayments over the short term period.

True Blue Loans, the brand name of Fidelity Works Ltd can offer small loans up to £500.00 but slightly less at £300.00 for first time borrowers for repayment terms up to a 6 monthly period. People before getting the loan funded can select whether to pay back the loan over 3, 5 or 6 monthly repayments. They can check the payment terms of each option and then choose the best option and one that should definitely suit their financial circumstances.

The interest rate is charged at a daily rate and that suited many peoples  financial situation. The longer you take out the True Blue Loans the more you repay and quite simply that just makes perfect sense. It explained in the term and conditions that if repay the debt earlier you can save on the overall balance and repay at a lower rate because of the daily interest that will be calculated for the duration the person has the loan for. People that make early repayments will not be penalised in the way True Blue Loans operate.

In terms of short term finance True Blue Loans aims to provide their customers with a flexible product which gives the customer control of the finances. A customer can select up to 6 month period to repay any debt and not have to worry about clearing the loan in a one off single transaction. This is very useful when looking at peoples spare income throughout a month, a traditional payday loan will require that person to clear the account in one go which at times can be tough where as an instalment loan is much easier to budget for as the customers pays the same amount each month in a much more manageable manner until the loan is repaid in full.



By Kieran Moulden