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Payday Loans Direct From Lender: Advantages of Applying For Payday Loans from Direct Lenders

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Payday loans direct from lender are designed to give you quick cash especially when you need money for unforeseen emergencies. Generally, there are two ways through which you can apply for payday loans UK. You can either apply for one via a payday broker or through a direct lender. While both work the latter is often the better choice.

In an earlier article we gave 1 advantage of each of these organisations. To keep the balance I am going to give 1 disadvantage of each in this post.

Using  payday loans direct lender means that you must do your own trawling of the internet to find the lender. You then apply, filling in persoanl details, employment, bank and card details as well as income and expenditure. The lender then says that they cannot lend. So that took 10 -15 minutes and you are back at square 1. You start again and the same thing happens, another 15 minutes and we are back at square 1 again. With a broker you simply fill in 1 application and they will source and submit it to multiple lenders to try to find the loan.

One disadvantage of a loan broker is you will not know what deal you are getting until you have been found a lender. You may apply, get numerous cerdit search footprints on your credit file (albeit many lenders use quotation searches for this), and you arrive on the lenders site. You take 1 look at the loan on offer and think that there is no way you want it as it is not suitable. If you went via the direct lender you would have discovered this before you applied.

There are then plenty of benefits related to applying for payday loans direct from lender and from a broker. I hope that I have shown you that there are also negatives of both. It is really a case of 'horses for courses'. One of the direct lenders in the UK that you may want to research further is True Blue Loans. We have a range of flexible alternatives for you to explore. Head over to our online site, today to find out more.