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Payday Loan Direct Lenders UK - A Basic Guide On Today's Payday Loans

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Have you found yourself in a bit of a tricky financial situation? Perhaps your computer has broken and you need a repair immediately for work purposes? Or, maybe you have received a high medical bill? No matter what has occurred, you should consider the suitability of  the services offered by payday loan direct lenders UK.

Direct payday lenders are those who provide their services directly to you. This means that there is no middleman, as is the case when you go through a broker. But, what actually are payday loans UK? Well, in the past, 'payday loan' was a term that was used to describe a loan whereby you had to repay it in its entirety by your next payday. However, these loans are a lot more flexible nowadays, and the repayment period can extend to as much as six months or more. This ensures that you have the capability to re-pay the loan in a way that is comfortable for you, which makes certain you do not find yourself in any greater financial trouble. Not only this, but in the United Kingdom, the FCA regulates all payday loan lenders, and this means that they have to carry out an affordability check on all applicants to be sure that they can afford to repay the loan. The FCA has also capped the amount of interest that lenders can charge.

To conclude, payday loan direct lenders UK based are ideal for people who find themselves requiring a relatively small sum of cash to tide them over for a couple of months. These loans are not suited to people that are experiencing long-term financial difficulties. If you are interested in a payday loan, True Blue Loans can assist. We offer various loans with flexible repayment terms. To discover more, simply check out our website by navigating to You can apply via this link.