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Speedy cash loans have been described as Easy, fast and friendly by the lenders. And in a way, it is, because of the flexibility these loans offer. You can acquire a loan by visiting the lenders in person, applying for the loan through the lender’s web site, or even speaking to the representatives of the lenders; so overall the loan application process is as easier as it gets. The experience is pretty customer friendly. The time it takes for the lender to transfer the money to applicant’s account is also very minimal, making these loans a pretty lucrative deal for the borrowers. In this tight economy, the need for  money can pop up at any moment, and speedy cash claims to take the responsibility of the borrower’s money pretty seriously. That is why they offer three kinds of ways for borrowing a speedy cash loan; this depends on the customer which method they deem the easiest. For emergency situations when quick cash is called for, or simply when utility bills are needed to get paid, these fast cash loans covers all the needs of the borrowers.

Speedy cash is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) un the UK for dealing in the direct pay day lending industry. Speedy Cash also lends in the USA too.

Types of loans offered by Speedy Cash

Pay day loans

These loans are classic pay day loans, as the name suggests, they are required to pay off the loaned amount in full on the next pay date. These are short term loans, which are given out for a time period of two weeks to a month. To apply for such a loan, the borrowers should be able to show a valid ID, a debit or checking account, a proof of steady income. These loans are best for situations when sudden financial needs come up.

Installment Loans

It might not be possible for the borrowers to always pay off the complete loan from a single pay check. In cases where the money is required for a longer period, installment loans are the ideal option. This yields for a longer tenure period, meaning the repayment terms are longer and the interest rates are fixed. For these loans also, ID proof and income proof is required.

Title Loans

These loans are designed for consumers who do not wish to have their loan limits based on their income criteria, but rather they prefer it to be on the equity on some kind of collateral like a vehicle or such expensive property. Address proof, title, and the vehicle will be used as collateral for the loan. People who have vehicles or other such expensive items which is completely in their name can get approved for such a loan. The loan amount will be dependent on the value of the collateral.


All the loans are quick and reliable and provided to consumers as soon as possible. Speedy Cash is legally required to provide the consumers security on their data. Whatever information the consumers provide to the lender via phone or website is protected, and to protect client’s security, the online details are secured and where neededencrypted.