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Editor: We asked some of our staff to research other lenders and write an article about them. The information in this article came from publically available sources as was available at the time the article was researched. Readers should be aware that this article does not contain 'insider knowledge' of the company researched and that they policies and processes may have since changed.

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There can always be times when people need money and most likely this can be down to a whole host of different reasons. For example some people may need a large amount of money as they are looking to make an expensive purchase such as a new car or maybe even a deposit on a new house. If that is the case the chances are they will need a large sum of money and if they need to borrow it then short term finance is not really applicable there.

On the other hand there could be people who just need a small amount of money to help tide their finances over until the next time they are paid by their employer. If that is the case for someone then short term loans can be useful and if they only need money for a short while then a longer duration loan is probably not necessary for them. If people have the money saved they can use this and try to replace it when they can. If using saved money is not an option then the chances are they will need to borrow that money. Below is information regarding Payday UK as people borrow from here regularly to satisfy their financial needs.

PaydayUK are a large UK based lender that offer people payday loans as a way to borrow money. They allow people the chance to take out loans from £100.00 up to £1000.00 for repayment then due back on that borrowers next payday. Like all other single instalment payday loans the balance will have to be settled in full within a single monthly period of time and the other repayment options are then limited as to what people can then do. Payday UK is not actually different with the repayment term they offer, people apply for the loan and then repay the debt the next time they are paid with the interest added to the capital taken out. The interest can vary on payday loans and Payday UK charge £0.80 per day per £100.00 borrowed by anyone. The more time the loan is taken out for the more due when they are paying the debt off.

When people need money the chances are they will want it quickly and here at Payday UK they can help with that. They allow people the chances to apply for the loan very quickly online or over the telephone and that process should only take a few minutes for the person to complete. They can then look to fund their successful applicants within just a few hours of getting the application being approved. They will pay the borrower in a bank account chosen by them. Payday UK actually aim to fund their customers within two hours of any application being accepted and that is what I call fast funding. This can then become perfect, however expensive, borrowing for anyone who needs a small amount of cash quickly for instance if they had an unexpected bill arrive.