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Editor: We asked some of our staff to research other lenders and write an article about them. The information in this article came from publically available sources as was available at the time the article was researched. Readers should be aware that this article does not contain 'insider knowledge' of the company researched and that they policies and processes may have since changed.

Payday Express can offer people payday loans


If anyone is ever looking to take out a loan of any kind they will nearly always have to consider a number different things before any financial application can then be made. They have to know things such as whether they definitely need that loan in the first place and then if so what they are then looking to borrow. They have to also know that before the application is made they can definitely afford the finance so the debt can be repaid back to the lender as agreed. The actual type of loan can then be considered. People can take out for instance

Payday Express for cash when it is needed

There can always be occasions when someone needs money and most likely this can be down to a whole host of different reasons. There can be some people who are looking to borrow a large amount of money as they are looking to make a one off high valued purchase on an item which could potentially be a new car or maybe even for a deposit on a new house. There can also be alternative people who just need a small amount of money to help tide their finances over until the next time they get paid by their employer. Now whatever the reasons for needing cash if people have this saved then they can use this to pay outright for what they want or at least put some money down for it. It will then be up for that person to replace the money used from savings as soon as they can. If on the other hand using saved money is not a possible option then the chances are they will need to borrow this. Payday Express a direct payday lender and they may well just have the financial solution for consumers looking for quick finance.

I have little doubt that when emergency money is required by a person they will want this quickly and here there can be some lenders that can certainly help. If people require short term loans for instance as they are looking for cash quickly and they are only looking to borrow a small amount most lenders that offer such a product can offer speedy funding services. Take Payday Express as a lending example they offer solely payday loans which are a very common short term loan in the financial market place. They allow people the chance to borrow amounts ranging somewhere from £100.00 to £1000.00 and people can apply for these loans online in a process that should only take a few minutes to then complete. If that same application is then accepted they can offer people the chance to be funded the very same day and they offer this free of charge.

Payday Express can also offer people who have poorer credit the chance to get loan applications accepted. People get poor credit because they have taken out loans in the past and not made the required repayments as expected. When this does occur it really can make obtaining future credit for that person much more expensive and actually harder to come by in the first place. If anyone like this was to approach a major bank or other potential high street lender most likely the applications will be declined. If however, they need short term finance then there can be direct lenders that offer direct loans for people with poorer credit. Lending to these such people is always risky as the lender will know that their customer may not repay the debt so they can charge higher interest as a result. Payday Express for instance are simple with the interest they charge on their payday loan, it is £0.80 per day for each £100.00 borrowed.

Where the whole amount, plus interest, is not affordable in 1 payment instalment loans are often used as a popular alternative to single repayment loans. Here people can usually borrower larger amounts for repayments then due over longer periods of time. A mortgage is actually a type of instalment loan. The lender can then be chosen and the application can be submitted through them. There are many articles on the True Blue Loans website about instalment loans however in this article I am going to look at the specific Lender Payday Express and explain the financial product they offer to consumers who use their services.

Payday Express offer people the chance to take out payday loans for amounts ranging between £100.00 and £1000.00 for repayment then back on that persons next available payday. A payday loan is a small loan taken out by someone who will then have to repay that debt the next time they are paid from their employer. A payday loan is only designed to help people with short term financial problems and should therefore never be used as a long term financial solution. With Payday Express and other lenders that offer payday loan products they will expect their loans to be settled in full once they have been obtained as soon as their customer is repaid again. Payday loan borrowing is expensive and for anyone looking for money they should know that there will be cheaper borrowing options available to choose from.

The interest will commonly vary on payday loans depending on the lender chosen. Payday express actually charge £0.80 per day for every £100.00 borrowed. So if you only have the payday loan for a few days, you will pay a smaller amount of interest than if you had it for 30 days. With that being said you must factor that the loan amount also needs to be repaid at that time.