It is tough to compete on Google if you are a small lender like True Blue Loans.

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Most of us rely on internet for a large number of purchases in our day to day life; whether it is electronic items, books, apparel and even other products like loans or investments. One of the major symbols of internet and free exchange of information is Google. With its efficient search algorithms it allows people to get requisite information within a very short time. This has made it a cult company where new terms related to it is even introduced in dictionaries and encyclopedia. However there is an adverse impact of this kind of information flow. Due to the overall structure of the search engine it helps in the advancement of larger lender to the detriment of other smaller lenders like True Blue Loans.

The lopsided information flow leads to other inefficiencies when borrowers are enticed towards less attractive products only due to the overwhelming market share of these products. This ends up reducing the competition within the industry and also causes firms to grow beyond their demonstrated capabilities. One of the ideal examples of this is Wonga. It ended up growing exponentially due to the presence on Google and other social media. Recently Wonga had to face regulatory review and had to write-off loans worth £220 million provided to 330,000 customers. This was 5 times the annual profit for the company. This shows that the company was providing growth by improper practises and without following due procedures. Such recklessness within the financial world can wreak havoc with the lives of the borrowers and also hurt investor earnings.

Most of the firms who are at the top of the pages within Google are able to remain there because of heavy expense on their ad budget. However the entire search algorithm for most of the entries on the page within Google come from free 'page rankings'. The more informative a website is, the more other sites that want to link to it, the more interesting information that is in the site, the higher google will rank it. The downside is that, with the exception of the last item in that list, the rest mean that you have to already have those things. So the start up, who has no presence on day 1 will not be able to grow that presence. The bigger company can initially start to pay for that presence, which will then grow exponenially as they start to become listed on teh natural listings.

For a long term sustainable business it is important to have a good connect with the customers. Google can be used to build this relationship with the customers by engaging with them through informative articles and building a humane ecosystem where they can look at different ways to overcome their financial burden. This is not an easy task for a small firm however the rewards end up increasing over time due to the cumulative impact of greater material, positive reviews and greater internet presence as a whole. Adequate research and work needs to be done to attract the right customers and bring positive profits.

However Google provides a viable alternative to print and electronic media which are generally out of the reach of smaller firm. This is the major reason why Google has been at the center of marketing strategy for several startups and smaller firms. Once a decent foothold is made on Google it is possible to reduce the marketing expense on it. Unlike other media Google allows a much longer steady stream for a marketing effort due to the perennial presence created by the firm on the internet. This would end up bringing additional revenue at minimal extra marketing expense. However every firm has to make initial expense on building a positive internet ecosystem for their product. Using pinpoint strategy to get only the correct customers is generally an ideal strategy which pays longer dividend on Google.

More and more firms are using Google as a stepping board to expand their internet presence and ensure an additional revenue stream. It is important to have clear focus and good skill set to beat the bigger firms and get exceptional earnings for a long term in this medium.