European land attracting Tourists like never before

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For all those people who are planning a getaway vacation next summer can now look for the tour packages of European continent. After a period of 13 long years, Euro has finally broken down to a point that you would find yourself lucky enough that you saved those extra pounds and dollars for the trip. It’s your chance to finally have your summer in the outrageous locations of Europe.  So get your tour packages booked, as you would never again get them on the same prices. Enjoy the luxurious stay and delicious dine on the prime tourist locations in European continent.

All of this because of the eventful fall of the euro, which has not only got the European government on the ground, but has also made a huge impact on the financial conditions in Europe. Understanding the economic imbalance in Europe and Ireland, the European Central Bank has taken the issue in their hands and has spent around one thousand million dollars to support the dipping economy.

There are different lookouts on the future status of Euro, and it is very difficult to say how it will respond in the coming time, but if you respect views of experts then it is pretty clear that Euro is not going to show any positives in the near future. It is believed that the fall of euro is just a start and it will further go down, which will surely make the living difficult in Europe. However on the brighter side, it is a great opportunity for all those who have ever wished to be in Europe as now they can get more cash on European exchange, which literally means more fun and longer stay.

Why is this happening with Euro?

The current situation of Europe and Ireland is due to the downfall that Greece faced in the recent time. Likewise Europe, Greece also found its economy digging inside, but thankfully the EU (European Union) countries neighbouring Greece came forward to lend a helping hand to stabilize the financial insecurity of Greece. It was a huge privilege from the European countries to Greece and in return the European Union declared some strict regulations to reconstruct the fallen economy of Greece and it asked the government of Greece to decrease the investment in support of the public structure until their economic status comes to normal

What decides the value of the currency of a country?

There are reasons for everything to happen, and there are some important factors which control the events. The economy and the currency of any country are directly proportional to each other. That means a growing economy will raise the value of the currency and this also goes the other way round, because a country with powerful currency will stabilize and empower its economy too. Now let’s see some real events.  The employment and business sector in US are standing at the top most positions and will stay there for a long run, which also marks their gross economic growth of 5%. But just on the other pond, Europe is still fighting with the depression era of 1930s and the economy is stuck in its place with no positive movement to it. Knowing all of this, people there are saving stronger currencies for their growth and at present, that currency is Dollar.

Because of the intentions shown by US government to strengthening their foreign monetary policy, it is driving the necessary reasons for people to hold the precious dollars safe and secure. The situation has become worse after Switzerland declared that they will not use euro as their pegging currency, so there is not much scope left for any support to euro. The only good behind the fallen European currency is their possible growth in tourism sector.

Reasons to cheer

A total downfall of 15 percent in the value of euro has made it the sought after tourism location, as people will be getting some sparkling discounts on their holiday tours. According to the experts, if Greece also backs off with euro, the value will go further deep, which means this is the most premium time to visit Europe with your family. The dark sides of the downgrading currency of Europe are not much, but the positives are worthy enough for people to celebrate.  Even though you will save a lot of money on transportation, stay and food but the air travel expenses are not going to be affected by the fall of euro and will remain same. So if you are planning to reach Europe anytime soon for your summer holidays, don’t expect that you will be getting any discount on air prices. The reason is that the prices totally depend on US dollars, which are going really strong at the moment.