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Author: 3rd party - submitted by All Payday Lenders

At the beginning of the year, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) told payday lenders that they will have to be on comparison sites at some stage in the future. While this simple measure can be seen by some as ‘flaccid’, it is something customers are keen on and looking for.

Google Trends shows that, in the United Kingdom, there is a steady research for terms explicitly indicating that people are seeking to compare payday lenders or get a list of their products.

While the FCA is enforcing lenders to be listed on such websites, it is important to highlight that they have been available for years.

True Blue Loans has for example been listed on for over a year now. Responsible and legitimate lenders should not be afraid of comparing their services to others as customers are looking for different alternatives. Some will focus on price, rapidity but some will prefer flexibility or the easiness of reaching customer services.

If lenders have nothing to hide, they should naturally market themselves on comparison sites as getting exposure in such a cluttered market is vital.

The question of giving more exposure to comparison sites is now well and truly on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) agenda. The Competition and Markets Authority have mandated that all lenders must appear on such a site at some yet to be defined date and the FCA have been tasked with structuring how these sites must be operated. They are currently (As of Dec 15) consulting on their proposals for price comparison sites. 

Today, the best option to get visitors is via Google ads. When people look for a query such as ‘compare payday loans’ one could bid a specific price to be displayed on top or on the right hand side of the google page search results. The only problem (and it is a pretty big one) is that there are many websites competing for those placements. Lenders, brokers or any other intermediary and even money advice services or debt charities compete there. As a consequence, bids can get as high as £10 to £15. Independent comparison sites simply cannot compete as they do not have such budget.