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Where can I go?

I need cash now, who can help?

The requirement to borrow a little extra money often comes out of nowhere, quite often the need arises from an unplanned expense. Although it is possible to budget and plan for typical monthly expenditure, such as your rent or travel expenses, it is not as easy to budget for an emergency vet bill or a broken car. When these type of circumstances arise we understand you need to be able to excess money quickly but also ensure the product is right for your needs.

True Blue Loans therefore offers a range of flexible instalment based loans which allow you to select a term of repayment that suits your usual budget. This means when you need cash now, we can assist with a range of solutions.

I need cash now, where can I get it?

Through years of experience True Blue Loans have designed a simple and straight forward application form which will apply you to complete your details in no time at all. Whether you’re at work or home, you can complete the application online. At the point of applying you will be presented with 3 flexible repayment terms split over 3, 5 or even 6 months if you prefer.

In order to ensure your application is processed in a timely manner we have a team of dedicated support staff who will review your application promptly in order to give you a lending decision. Unlike many lenders we believe you should be able to choose a repayment that suits your budget and that’s why we offer three different repayment terms but that’s not all, True Blue Loans also believe in and offer the following:

-          We keep you up to date via email every step of the way

-          We do not charge you a fee whether your application is successful or not

-          We charge a daily rate of interest

-          We are available to speak to should you have any questions along the way

However, as well as telling you all the good things, we are not afraid to hide some of the negatives, such as:

  • These loans are expensive comapred to other types of borrowing.
  • The longer you take the loan over the more it will cost
  • Not repaying your loan will be reported to credit referance agencies which may make it harder or more expensive to get funds in teh future.


Where to go if you need cash now

There are several different options we have available when we need cash now. In an ideal world we would use any available savings or borrow the money from a family member or friend when a need to borrow a small amount of money arises. Of course for many of us this is not always possible and therefore alternative options need to be considered. For many of us the next logical option would be an existing borrowing resource such as a credit card, depending on the available credit this of course would be an option to be considered. Again if this is not an option many consumers instead need to consider a new lending resource. There are in existence a number of high street based lending resources which offer small loans. Often these shops will lend money on the understanding the repayments are made on a weekly basis or that a good is exchanged to the value of the loan. Although these resources have been in operation for a number of years, many consumer still find the nature of these loans unsuitable and ultimately not as accessible as they would realistically like. With all this in mind it is of little wonder that for consumers who need cash now, online borrowing has become an increasingly popular resource.

Unlike more traditional forms of borrowing which involve a lengthy application process online lending has become known for its ease of application. Nowadays consumers can complete an easy to follow application and be approved by lenders in a matter of hours. It is true to say that the checks completed by lenders has approved massively over the last few years, with modern day lenders paying particular attention to their applicants ability to repay the loan in an affordable manner, as well as their up to date credit reference information. All of this is completed by the lender in a timely manner to ensure the service developed is still fuss free and therefore convenient. These type of online lenders certainly provide an opportunity to those who need cash now but are doing so in an increasingly responsible way.

As a result I think it is more important than ever that consumers take the time to make an informed choice from the selection of online loans available. This means when there is a need for cash now, a sensible option is selected and not imply the first option available. It is likely consumers considering this sort of loan will find there are several resources available, depending on the lender there is a great selection of repayment terms which exist and therefore can be used. It is important with this type of borrowing that a loan is selected passed on what is realistically affordable. In order to assess this consumers must be able to review their own budget and select a repayment which can work with this, not against it in anyway. If this is done there is every possibility there is a online loan which will be suitable.  

By Kieran Moulden