Instant Payday Loans

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This article contains information about products/services offered by us as well as those that we do not offer.

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Sometimes when you need money you cannot wait around for a lender to take days to decide if they are going to lend or not.

Instant Payday Loans

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Sometimes when you need money you cannot wait around for a lender to take days to decide if they are going to lend or not.

We understand that when you have an emergency and need cash, you need it now not tomorrow and this is why we offer a very quick turnaround on all applications. While we would never claim to be able to offer Instant Payday Loans, we can get the money into your account quickly and painlessly.

If we find nothing to give us concern, or need any additional information that they automated checks did not pick up, we can often get the money into your account within an hour or two.

Sometimes we are asked by our customers why we do not offer instant 1 month pay day loans. We explain that we believe that an instalment loan is a better alternative as repayments can be spread over a number of months, making the installments affordable. Of course you can pay off early and face no penalty, you would just pay the interest due up to the day you make the repayment. This really does give you the best of both worlds payday type loan or a 6 month loan all rolled into one.


What instant payday loans can offer to the Consumers


There will always be times when people are struggling on their finances and they need to borrow money quickly to make ends meet. People may then look to explore the payday loan market to see what that in particular has to offer and to see whether they may be able to grant any finance that maybe required quickly. There is a company called True Blue Loans that offer instant short term loans as an alternative to the payday loan borrowing option and I will describe what they can offer in more detail below.

True Blue Loans offer short term loans to customers for up to £500.00 (£300.00 to first time loan applicant) if the loan gets approved then the consumer repays the debt over a time frame they select of either three, six or nine months. Interest is charged at a respectable daily rate dependent on the amount borrowed compared to the duration of the loan. The longer someone takes it over the more they repay back to the lender. Simple

If as a customer anyone wants to repay the loan early they can action this and the daily rate of interest now stops and a settlement can be reached at a lowed amount. No customer will ever be penalised for paying a loan from True Blue Loans early than the agreed date. In the same way a customer can make early or extra additional repayment towards the debt if they wish to repay the loan earlier. Again no one will ever be charged and penalised for this.

At True Blue Loans we do not believe that anyone should be charged my making a loan application. Submitting an application will be free of charge whether the loan is accepted or not and to be honest this is just the way it should be. There can be brokers out there or third party lenders that charge high amounts for using their financial services and they can never even guarantee funding a loan in the first place. It is those companies that quite simply should be avoided at all costs.

If a loan is declined then he customer can quickly move on elsewhere however if accepted we offer same day funding for no charge and people will be paid out very shortly from the application being approved. This is a huge benefit for people if they need money quickly or if any cash emergencies unexpectedly arrive.

The facts on what True Blue Loans can offer in the way of payday loans

True Blue Loans are a direct payday lending firm that offer instalment loans up to £500.00 and can offer first time loan applicants £300.00 for repayment then over a three, five or six month period. Below are some facts on what they can regularly provide consumers and the benefits on what that company offers.

With TBL being a direct lender their applications can be completed relatively simply. They are done online and should only take a few minutes and if approved the loan can be funded into the required bank account the very same day but normally it can be done in just a couple of hours. There will be some lenders out there that charge for the same day banking transfer or they simply cannot provide this service. 

There can always be times when people acquire a loan but once when done they feel they struggle to repay back the debt in one go. This is what a 1 month payday loan basically is, people take out a sum of money but then have to repay back the capital and the interest in a single transaction and this at times can be hard to pay and can cause the agreement to default as a result. However, with True Blue Loans they offer the product over a number of months that best accommodates a person’s finances, they select a payment term that is affordable and then the repayments can be managed successfully. Please remember however the longer the loan is taken over teh more it will cost overall.

It shows from the above that the product offers really gives the customers that extra flexibility with their repayment term and there are so many types of finance that this does not apply in. A customer here has to select an amount to pay each month that is affordable and then also be aware that the longer they set their repayment term up for, the more repayments made on the loan meaning more overall is paid to the lender. Always take this into consideration.


By Kieran Moulden