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Ultimate flexibility

When an Installment Loan can help

An installment loan is a flexible resource for borrowing money over an agreed period of repayment. Unlike many of the old style short term loans, an installment loan offers the opportunity to spread loan repayments over a number of months. The number of installments can be selected at the point of applying for the loan and can therefore be chosen based on personal budget requirements. For those who do not want to have to repay a large lump sum, an installment loan can be an excellent alternative.

What repayment terms does an Installment Loan offer?

At True Blue Loans we understand that choice is important in making an informed decision regarding your borrowing needs. In order to achieve this we offer a selection of loan repayment terms so as to ensure a repayment term can be selected that suits your individual requirements. True Blue Loans offers three choices:

-          3 monthly installments

-          5 monthly installments

-          6 monthly installments

By offering a selection of repayment options you can spread your repayments in a comfortable manner. For those wishing to repay the loan more quickly a 3 month installment loan may be of use. For those wishing to repay the loan at a lower amount monthly, a 5 or 6 month installment loan may be better suited.

How do I get an Installment Loan from True Blue Loans?

We offer installment loans through a simple and fuss-free application process. For your part you will need to complete an online application form which should take no more than 7 to 10 minutes. If you have any questions along the way, we have a team of customer support representatives ready to assist you. Once your application is received we use our wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the loan is suitable. If approved you’ll receive the funds the same day.

Remember also that with a True Blue Loans Installment Loan:

-          There are no fees for successful or unsuccessful applications

-          We charge a daily rate of interest

-          You can select the repayment term that suits you

However these are an expensive form of borrowing and other options may want to be considered. 

There can be times in the month when a little extra cash is required.

An unexpected bill or expense arises and as a result money needs to be obtained in a quick and stress-free manner. Whether it’s a broken car or unplanned vet bill, for many consumers their normal level of spare income may fall short of the amount needed. In these instances an instalment loan may be able to help. These loans are designed to be flexible and fuss free in order to provide the assistance needed to consumers looking for a small loan.

The process for application is all online which means you can complete our application at a time which suits you best. Our application form is designed to gather all the information we are likely to need to make a lending decision and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Should we require any additional information along the way our friendly support team will make contact with you as a matter of priority. Wherever possible we look to provide our lending decision to you the same working day and if not it will be as quickly as possible.

The loans we offer are based on repayments being spread over a number of months. This means you have the option to select a repayment term which is realistic and affordable to your budget. It is important when borrowing money of any amount that the agreement reached is affordable and realistic to the other bills you have to pay. This means understanding the amounts which must be paid each month and then finding an instalment loan which fits into that. We therefore offer a number of repayment terms which should allow you to make the right lending choice.

We offer a range of loan amounts which means depending on your budget, you can make a selection which suits. We always recommend you borrow only the amount you need, which helps to ensure the amount is affordable. If the unexpected expense you are facing is as a result of a car bill for example, borrow the amount which is needed for the repair. This means in the following month or months you are not paying back a higher amount than was actually needed. 

In instances where your loan application is successful we will advise you of such via email and this will be as quickly as possible. We will then aim to deposit the agreed funds into your account as soon as possible. Usually this is the same day and where your bank accepts faster payments the loan is often in your account within an hour. If you’re application is outside of normal working hours we will make sure it’s actioned as soon as we arrive the following working day. We believe it is important to give you a lending decision as quickly as possible and we aim to do just that with our flexible instalment based loans. If you have any questions please just get in touch.


By Kieran Moulden