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Cash to help you out of a fix

Emergency Cash Loans from True Blue Loans

Short term lending is best placed for servicing the need of an unexpected expense. This is an expense which could not have be planned for in a typical budget. Although as consumers we can ensure the typical monthly expenses are accounted for, such as the cost of rent, travel expenses, food allowance and other credit commitments, how do you plan for something that doesn’t often happen? Is it difficult to budget for an emergency trip, the car breaking down or a sudden vet bill. In these cases it is not uncommon for the normal amount of disposable income from any consumer’s budget to be stretched. Just because in such emergencies the cost is likely to be a one-off, it does not change the fact that money may be needed in a prompt and timely manner.

Who offers Emergency Cash Loans?

There are many lenders available in the current market who can assist with your sudden need for a little extra money. At True Blue Loans we believe we are ideally placed to assist thanks to our flexible product and wealth of experience built up over the years. As one of the first lenders to offer an instalment loan, we believe it is important you can apply for a loan quickly and without fuss.


Are Emergency Cash Loans flexible?

With True Blue Loans they are, we offer our successful applicants repayment terms ranging from 3 months, to 5 or even 6 if you prefer. This means you can control the number of instalments you wish to make at the point of applying. It’s also important, we believe, to remember the other benefits of our instalment loans:

-          The application is online based and takes only a few minutes

-          We have team of dedicated support staff available, should you wish to talk to us

-          There are no fee’s for successful or unsuccessful applications

-          We charge a daily rate of interest so you can repay early whenever you wish

It is important as a customer that you choose a loan which suits you and your budget the very best. At True Blue Loans we believe we are fully able to assist with those needs.

However as with many things there are a few things that are not so good about these loans such as:

  • They are expensive compared to other types of borrowing.
  • The longer you take the loan over the more it will cost
  • If you fail to pay your loan on time we will report this to the credit agencies which may make it harder or more expensive to get loans in the future.

Emergency cash loans


People may not actually realise that there are a number of different types of finance for people to look to borrow from in the financial market place. Before any loan is even looked at the person needs to always consider a few things. The type of loan/finance that is needed for instance is it an instalment loan or a loan over a quicker payment term such as a possible emergency cash loan. Do they actually generally need the loan in the first place and then if so what are they realistically looking to borrow. They must always be one hundred percent certain that they have the financial means to repay the debt and that any repayments due on a loan are affordable to manage. No one will ever want to miss set loan repayments as it nearly always has severe negative consequences for the people involved. Also the lender must be chosen and this can nearly always be a difficult choice as there are so many lenders offering their finance products that they have at their disposal. In this article I am going to focus my attention on emergency cash loans.

People sometimes can find it tough to plan for the unexpected in financial terms. People for instance will be surprised by just how often bills can arrive when you least expect them and they cost money for them to sort out. This will most likely not be included in any budget that may or not be included in any financial budget for that month. This can leave most people panicking as to how they are going to find the required funding to make that repayment. People can then look to some form of emergency cash loan in order to make this payment. When people think about this and other forms of short term cash borrowing they will immediately think about payday loans being taken out and then repaid over single monthly periods. People here can borrow sums of cash to values normally between £100.00 up to £500.00 and if they have their applications accepted then people can be funded the same day that the application was completed. This gives people the desired cash very quickly so they can make their required payment.

Emergency cash loans such as payday loans though are typically very expensive ways to borrow money considering people only have this finance for a period of a single month. The interest does vary on the product mainly on the lender chosen however most of them will charge around £24.00 per £100.00. Also whenever a single instalment payday loan is obtained it will be required to be repaid in full on that persons next payday and paying any full balance on a loan on top of any other financial commitments that need to be made can be tough for certain people to manage and afford.



By Kieran Moulden