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Direct Payday Loan Lenders UK - What To Consider When Choosing A Lender

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Are you experiencing a financial dilemma and need a short-term loan? A payday loan could be the best choice for you. The amount offered by direct payday loan lenders UK ranges from as little as £50 to as much as £1,500, and the amount you're able to borrow depends on your ability to repay the loan.

How do you find the most suitable direct payday lenders? It's important to shop around for the best lender to make sure that you get the greatest deal that is suited to your circumstances. For this to happen, it's important to consider the loan rates. Online payday loans UK rates vary from one company to another. While some companies may charge a friendly rate of 18% per month, other companies may charge as much as 24% per 30 days (being the maximum under the rate cap). The loan terms also play a crucial role, as most payday loan lenders give you the option of repaying over one month or several, ensuring you can comfortably make the repayments. Additional factors to consider include the simplicity of the application process and how long it takes to receive your funds once you have been approved. It's notable that some lenders offer online loans that have instant approval and thus you will likely receive your funds the same day. It should be noted that 'Instant' approval will often me that an instant 'provisional decision' is given but in many cases it may take longer to finally approve the loan. This is the case with True Blue Loans as each loan is reviewed by an underwriter before approval is given.

Everyone encounters a financial crisis at one time or another whereby they need urgent money to resolve it. Direct payday loan lenders UK are ideal under these circumstances, and True Blue Loans is one of these such lenders to go for. You can visit our website,, to find out more.