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Cash Loans from True Blue Loans

What are cash loans?

A cash loan is a loan that is deposited as a cash payment, normally into your bank account. Other sorts of loans include Car Loans which would be used to purchase a car. The money for a car loan would often be paid directly to the car dealer and not paid as a cash loan.

A loan used to buy a product, be that a new television on credit, interest free loan for sofas or a loan to pay for a new kitchen would not be considered as a cash loan.

Loans paid in cash can be secured or unsecured loans and the interest rate charged will vary dramatically from a single figure APR through to an APR of many thousand percent’s, such as a Pay day loan.

A cash loan can be used for any purpose and often the lender would not check what you wanted the money for. Of course, if the loan was of a significant size then a lender may ask what the money is for and may ask for some sort of proof, such as an invoice or quotation.

True Blue Loans offer cash loans of up to £300 for new customers and £500 for returning customers.

Where to find the best cash loans

Consumers have been for some time now using online lending resources in order to support their need to borrow a little extra money. These online loans, also known as cash loans, have undergone a lot of change in the last couple of years and in reality the online market is a very different place to what it once was. Consumers who previously were familiar with the market and the products on offer are likely to find that now things have changed somewhat. The purpose of cash loans are completely separate to more traditional banking style loans. Namely the amounts being considered for borrowing are much smaller and normally in the case of most lenders do not exceed the £1000.00 mark. In fact typically cash loans are in the region of £300.00. Although how this market as a whole operates has changed, the loan values remain much the same. The truth of the matter is that cash loans are there to assist consumers when an unexpected or emergency bill presents itself and a small amount of money is borrowed to cover this expense. Online loans have never been designed to be repaid over an extended period of time.

If used in the manner intended cash loans can certainly prove to be a useful resource for many consumers. The great thing about the product is it’s relatively easy to access nature. Given that the application process is generally completely online, this allows consumers to access the resource as and when they need to. Many say this is one of the features they like most about the online borrowing market. The applications themselves normally take little longer than 10 minutes to complete and modern day lenders are able to deliver a lending decision in a timely manner.

The product offered as cash loans as mentioned above has changed quite considerably over the years and now the product being offered is widely becoming deemed as fair and flexible. Nowadays many lenders who remain in this market allow their customers a flexible choice of repayment terms for their loan amount selected. Depending on the lender it is likely as customers we can select from repayment terms ranging from 3 months right through to the year. In the past lenders did not always ensure they were offering repayment terms which were flexible and therefore consumer friendly and as a result many consumers struggled to pay the amounts set out to them in their agreements. As the years have passed what is clear is that the lenders who remain are better regulated and therefore more consumer focused than ever before. As the years continue to pass I think cash loans will continue to strengthen in terms of the quality of product offered and therefore be able to meet a wider range of customer’s needs. It will be interesting to see how lenders continue to change to meet the changing needs of the modern day consumer but as it stands cash loans have certainly come a long way. 


By Kieran Moulden