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£300 is the most we will lend a new customer, find out more about them. 

300 Loan

What is a 300 Loan? It is a loan amount of £300 and this is the maximum that True Blue Loans will offer to a new customer. Our £300 loans are available for repayable over 3, 5 or 6 months.

www.trueblueloans.co.uk are a UK provider of loans of up to £300.

We are responsible lenders and will only lend £300 to people who we truly believe can afford to make the repayments. We really do not want customers who cannot afford the repayments.

We offer loans from £100 to £300 to new customers, and we will offer a higher loan amount to returning customers as long as we feel they can afford the repayments.


The ways people can get a £300.00 loan


Before any loan is taken out the person looking to take out the loan has to ask themselves a few questions before they proceed with the application. They have to know that they definitely need the loan in the first place and then they must select both a realistic amount to borrow but then also one that can be repaid in an affordable manner until the balance becomes fully settled. People must then select the type of loan that is required, for instance is it a payday loan needed for just a single month or maybe other short term loans over quick repayment terms. Instalment loans are also a very popular way to borrow money and here people repay over typically longer repayment terms. Along with the different finance options available the customer will also have to decide which lender to choose and make their application through. That can be a really tough choice for certain people to make as there are so many different lenders in the financial market place offering their financial products. Take a £300 loan for example there are a range of different lenders that can offer customers this amount.

When people generally think about a loan for £300 they will immediately think about short term loans and that way of borrowing. Most people associate short term loans with payday lending and payday borrowing but this is not the case. With a traditional payday loan people can generally look to borrow amounts from anywhere usually between just £50.00 up to £500.00 so the loans for £300.00 is definitely one that can be taken. When amounts are borrowed through a traditional payday lender they will be required to repay within a single monthly period. The interest on such loans can normally be expensive and this can at times make repaying the loans tough and hard to manage. The interest can of course vary depending on the lender chosen and what kind of finance it is but with payday loan borrowing it will often be charged at around the legal maximum of  £24 billed for every £100.00 borrowed by the customer per 30 day period. If a customer then borrows the £300 loan then the interest billed on the product would be around £72.00 making £372.00 due on that person’s payday to pay the loan off in full as required.

There are now borrowing options where people can borrow similar amounts to payday loan borrowing but then pay over a number of months chosen by you the customer. People can therefore look to borrow £300.00 for example but instead of paying off that full balance in a one off settlement people can borrow the amount and then repay over a number of months making the repayments more affordable and easier to manage. This gives people the flexibility on the product that they deserve and they can select a repayment term that they know will be realistically managed. Always remember when borrowing a loan like though the longer the loan is taken out for, the more repayments made towards the debt meaning more overall is repaid in total. 




By Kieran Moulden